❥ Joyful

200x200 icons
Joy → Red Velvet

♡ My Queen, IRENE ♡

200x200 Icons
Irene → Red Velvet

It’s been over a month since I last made a gif or edit.
I’m gonna do something with Alice White’s MV and make some small gifs of Way from Gourmet Road later tonight.

When I see you once, I wanna see you two more times
Even when I see you every day, I like you even more
You’re like my dream, you’re my Mr. Chu
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Minimalist Posters: Sugar Eyes  - Debut Album

Minimalist Posters: Perfume - LEVEL3

Do you only do gifs of groups you like? Am I allowed to request something?

Basically. But if theirs a group you want me to do something for I will do it.
Just try to be specific when you request so I can get what you want.